Would it be useful to have feature flags?

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Would it be useful to have feature flags?

Moving from https://github.com/lightblue-platform/lightblue/issues/57

A feature flags would restrict new features to some users or instances before rolling them out to the rest. What do you think guys?

I'm a fan of feature flags, but I've struggled with identifying where we would use it for lightblue.  A few things that I think do apply:
* lightblue could be used to store feature flag data
* feature flags make a lot of sense for UI's

Maybe we could use in the mgmnt apps?  In general with lightblue there are three things that will be done:
* new feature
* bug fix
* new metadata or version of existing metadata

In the case of new features, it could be applicable but we tend to encapsulate features in new pluggable components.
Bug fixes are something we'd test with automated tests.  Are flags useful here to optionally fix a bug?
With metadata versioning clients are isolated from any metadata changes.  So the act of versioning metadata means feature flags are not useful.

I'd like to figure out where we can use them, though, as a way to help drive adoption in other places!